Saturday, January 17, 2015

The GarageMahal, Boodini, & Blue Men

Report from Southern Georgia: Mr Tomato has already jumped fully into the spirit of being a touring vehicle by kicking off one of his hubcaps, eschewing fancy adornments. I hope he doesn't think we play grunge, even though I am not opposed to the idea of learning a Nirvana cover. I think he's just anxious to get to our concert tonight at the GarageMahal in San Antonio, Florida! It sounds like a place cars would like to go! I don't know how to tell him it's more like a living room with couches and comfy chairs for music lovers. Concert is lovingly hosted by two of our favorite DJ friends, Jim Strickland and Jeannie Holton Carufel. Shoot Jim an email for directions at Doors at 7, concert at 7:30. $15 suggested donation to Mr Tomato and us.

Here's a picture of Boodini who is behind the scenes on every Jeni & Billy tour and was even shipped from London to Yorkshire once when he got into a very deep discussion about marmalades with a very British bear who lives with our friend Graham. He forgot to jump in our suitcase and ended up being posted. He really hoped that would somehow give him dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the USA. 

The Macon, Georgia, Super 8 was actually pretty super at $57 with fast wifi, black-out curtains, hot shower, fluffy pillows, and soft but nicely starchy sheets. I think that's our only planned hotel stay for the tour and it was brief given that we rolled in at 1:30 am. I had to smile when the certificate by the desk said the hotel was owned by Blue Krishna Enterprises because it took me back to when I went to see the Blue Man Group in NYC with Letitia Campell's Divinity school class. They were so loud I had to stuff my ears with all of the tissues in my purse and probably anything else I could find in there. But I loved it all the same. We promise not to be too loud at the GarageMahal, so just bring tissues for the sad songs and your laughs for the happy ones!

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