Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year, New Newsletter

Our newest newsletter is heading out to emails inboxes everywhere (read it below)! If you don't get one, it might be that I have an old address for you, or I couldn't read your handwriting when you signed up, or a space alien is at fault. You can make it all better by going to our website and signing up in that little white box on the righthand side. It would be so nice.

Here we go, 2015! Let's make it wonderful!
We are thrilled to announce that we will be touring far and wide again this year! 2014 was one our of our busiest years of touring since we put our toe in the traveling troubadour waters back in summer of 2008. Thank you to all of YOU for making our winding ways that much more joyous.

Our goal for this year is to bring happiness and kindness wherever we go. Life is short and sometimes plain fierce. Let's all create a world full of freedom, understanding, and compassion.

This year, we will be releasing at least one, and possibly a few, live CDs from our touring last year -- and rumor has it we'll be heading back into the studio with the Big Picnic Band in the fall!

Next week, we begin our touring year in sunny Florida -- and none too soon given the arctic temperatures here in Nashville.  In March, we'll head up to windy Chicago, Detroit (for the first time), and Bloomington (IN). In late April, we'll be flying over to Britain for all of May, June, and part of July! Seventy-three days of toast and tea with our friends across the pond. In August, we'll visit our home states of Virginia and Maryland as well as making an annual stop in NJ. We'll finish out our touring for the year in California via Arkansas and Texas.

That's the plan so far! I have most of the concerts for the first half of the year up on the website and I'll be adding more as the year rolls on, so stay tuned and check back frequently!

If you are on Facebook, let's be friends, if you are inclined. Facebook controls who sees posts from our Jeni & Billy page, but you control how many posts you see from me, Jeni Hankins. So, your best bet for getting day to day news from us is to befriend me. OR, if you aren't keen on Facebook, you can visit my blog. Nearly every one of my Facebook posts ends up there.

If you are looking at our calendar and feeling dismayed that we don't seem to be coming your way, how about hosting a house, church, synagogue, garden, barn, or community center concert? Some areas are hard for acts to crack and sometimes it works better to buck the system and make your own event! Lots of our friends have done it and most of them had never done anything like that before! And it turned out a lot better than a noisy cafe or rowdy brew pub. Just write to us.

Well, I had better sign off since the pre-tour checklist list still has a lot of unchecked boxes!

Billy and I wish you all lightness, kindness, and understanding in the year to come. We wish you laughter and love. And we wish you peace.

Many smiles, see you soon,

Jeni & Billy too

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