Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Guest Appearance in my family's newspaper!

I was really chuffed when my Dad told me he was printing one of my tour reports in The Seven Lakes Times -- the North Carolina newspaper published by my parents! It's the report about bagels, menorahs, bible songs, and the desert -- Advent & Hanukkah.
The last time I appeared as a guest columnist in the Times was back in 1995 when I provided an emergency zucchini nut muffin recipe to fill up space for the publisher at that time. She'd found an empty space just as the paper was going to press. Little did I know at the time that my parents would become the publishers of the Times a few years later.
I'm excited that the wonderful community of Oseh Shalom makes a cameo in the article! Sending love to you all.
I think my sentiment will hold up until the season of expectant waiting begins again: "The greatest lesson I learned from The First Presbyterian Church of Brookline, from the Friendly Chapel, and Oseh Shalom are the enduring gifts of love and kindness, and the call to celebrate the goodness of others."
Wishing all of you, our dear friends, love, kindness, and understanding in the coming year! We can't wait to see you along the trail.

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