Monday, January 12, 2015

Coal Camp Life Letterpress Series

How nice to be bringing some new letterpress cards with us on our Florida tour! My Dad (Greg) and I got my 1911 Golding Official table-top letterpress machine working and we made the first in a series of "Coal Camp Life" cards using type and ornaments from the Montgomery Herald, a newspaper once owned by Grandaddy Hankins. The little "Milk" ornament on the envelope flap is from Montgomery Dairy in North Carolina.

This is something that Mawmaw told me about Jewell Ridge Coal Camp which was nicer than many coal camps. Even though her father built their house over on Smith Ridge, he still made sure they had a fruit tree, a nut tree, and a cow, too. Though Mawmaw did say the cow was ornery and prone to kick.

I've done them in pink and brown and packaged them 6 cards for $12. There are all pink sets, all brown sets, and neapolitan with 3 pink and 3 brown. We only had time to make a few, so if you are keen to get some before they hit the mercantile table in Florida, just message me and you can get your own set or sets for an additional $2 in postage/packing (so $14 total) via Paypal by sending money to or via check by mail. International postage is more dear, so please check with me first. But I can always bring over your set at no additional charge in May/June if you are in Britain (8 pounds sterling). Hand delivery and a hug, too!

They really make me smile. It seems my Dad, my grandmother, great-grandparents, grandfather, and I are all wrapped up together in these cards. Heritage.  

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