Tuesday, January 6, 2015

From the Commodore 64 to Paper and Pencil

Ok, to be fair, I did also get an up-to-the-minute piece of modern technology for Christmas. Billy got me a Pencil by 53, so that I could make something on Paper. It may seem like we've had pencils and paper for a long time, but, lo and behold, you can buy digital paper and a pencil to match that let you make art on the go without carrying around a mobile craft unit :) And the "marker" in the paper never goes dry like those pesky dry markers that plagued my childhood. Remember those markers where the only working ones were brown or black. Hmmm, let's draw a bear, so much for rainbows! 

Anyhow, this is the first thing I made with their collaborative Mix community. Good grief folks, there's a lot of worlds out there, aren't there!?

I won't be giving up real paper, pencils, watercolors, or markers, but it's fun to be able to draw on the iPad and see what all of these new Paper and Pencil parameters inspire.

I remember these "HELLO my name is" tags from many coffee hours at the First Presbyterian Church in Brookline. They take me back to learning Bible stories in the eighties -- the knitted tie worn by our Sunday school teacher, Mark, and the wooden clogs and jeans wrap skirt worn by his wife, Mary Lou. And then there was our Commodore 64 computer where we played games using the space bar . . . 

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