Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A masterpiece!

Here's the second of the terrific reviews that came on yesterday! Thanks so much to  Richard Smith for writing it and sending it out of the blue yesterday! One of our all time favorites along with especially smart reviews by Hazel Davis, Paul Kerr, and Three Chords & the Truth.

This and the Sing Out review take the edge off the totally chaotic scene here in Nashville as we quickly switch to touring in a VW Golf & tent for the next four weeks instead of the Airstream. Bebe the Jeep is still in the ER with a major costly repair ahead. Crossing fingers for Hollywood to call & say they want to use Reckoning Day in a new Keira Knightley film, so that we can get the Jeep out of hoc in February! :)

Ah, the glamour of folk music! But at least we are going to Florida where tent camping is feasible in January! We could have been destined for South Dakota!

Hope you'll send us luck as we get everything packed in time! Here we go into the attic for the sleeping bags....

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