Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to the future with my "new" eMate 300!

What did you get for Christmas or Hanukkah this year? In true "back to the future" fashion Dad & Mom got me a 1997 Apple eMate 300 for Christmas this year! It's the perfect distraction free typewriter-like computer. It can't do email and it's never heard of Google, Twitter, or Facebook. It's battery life is WAY longer than any tablet or laptop, so I can write thousands and thousands of words in the desert without having to go down to the diner on I-10 and ruin my health with French fries in order to use their internet :) And, possibly best of all, my vegan inspiration, Alicia Silverstone, used one when she played Batgirl. So late nineties cutting edge -- I am thrilled to pieces! Time to go back to rehearsal, booking, publicity, correspondence, and travel planning tomorrow, but, for the rest of today, I am going back to the future!

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