Saturday, January 31, 2015

Satisfaction at the library

Report from Hudson, Florida: Libraries have been one of my favorite spaces since I was a kid. All are welcome here. You are surrounded by books. They have free wifi. They have big tables where you can lay out all of your thinking materials. They have water fountains and recycling and donation boxes for animal shelters. This library goes above and beyond because they have knitted characters, grocery baskets for your books, and they even made a display about Appalachia and Folk Music in honor of our visit. I spent my childhood and college years in libraries, so it's very fitting that we play music here now. Some "music industry" people are funny about artists who play in libraries like it's not a "real" venue. That's just silly. After all, Mr Rock-n-roll himself, Keith Richards said our libraries are America's greatest asset. And who am I to disagree? I listened to a lot of Rolling Stones when I was a kid, too. Snuck it out of my Mom & Dad's record collection. See, this all just makes great sense! Humpty Dumpty, the Rolling Stones, libraries, and Jeni & Billy :) happiness!

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