Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcome home, Dad!

After 70 days in the hospital, my Dad got to come home last night! He went in before I flew to Britain and was still there when I got back last week. Mom and Sarah have been incredibly strong caretakers and Dad has been incredible never losing his sense of humor though it was sorely tried. Dad's bone marrow transplant will happen when the doctors feel he's regained his strength for a process that will mean several more months in the hospital. I'm just thankful that I was home to see him walk through our farmhouse door and sit with his cats.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a note of encouragement or given me big hug over the last few months. It was very strange to be an ocean away during this time, but my family wouldn't hear of me missing out on a tour in a country I love so much. Can't wait to just sit in the living room and chat with my Dad today, hang out in the sewing room with my Mom, and crack up at everything my brilliant sister says.

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