Saturday, March 21, 2015

Used to be a train

"There used to be a train
that hauled this coal away
back when John L. Lewis
paved the miner's way."
-- "Local 6167" by Jeni Hankins

Report from Chicago, IL: What a thing to see this coal train rolling by in Downers Grove right after seeing a passenger train drop off about a hundred people who had finished their working day in the city. Took me back to a time in this country which I never knew in my lifetime where trains were the great movers of people and things and nearly everything depended on their timetable.

If it's a good time of night for you or you have a device to record off the internet, you can hear us streaming tonight on WFMT Folkstage from 8pm Central Time 'til 9. Let us know if you are listening. If I can get away with it and they have signal in the building, I'll read a message or two on the air. 

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