Saturday, March 7, 2015

Crazy #6 on UNKOVR everyone! THANK YOU!


Not bad for an obscure folk duo and a bunch of very devoted fans.

Here’s a wish for you: I wish you all could go with us to Mawmaw’s right now. We would have homemade biscuits with butter and honey and then go over to the church and have a big ole sing! And then we’d get in our cars and go down Chicken Ridge together across the Dismal River into Jewell Valley where we would have our pictures made at the old scale house. Then we’d go over to Richlands and see my Aunt Princess for some homemade potato bread and dinner. And at night we’d go back up on Smith Ridge where there are no lights on the road and watch the stars and see the space station zoom overhead. And in the morning, we’d all walk down to our family cabin and read from the newspapers on the wall to each other. Then we’d sing as we walked on home.

Let’s have a huge hug when we see each other next time. OK? Or, if you’re not a hugger, let’s do a high five. OK?

You are THE BEST. LOVE and HAPPINESS all day again.

If you missed all of the excitement because you were on an internet break, just mosey on down to the previous posts or follow this link to VOTE for us (under our photo to the left, those little square boxes).

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