Saturday, March 7, 2015

#8 in 12 hours! Yes!

WOW EVERYONE! I said that we’d LOVE to get to #10 on Unkovr Musicand we got to #8. IN 12 HOURS. Not because it’s easy to do that, it’s actually crazy. But YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN. What???!!!!!! WAY to GO! Thank you SO MUCH for VOTING and SHARING smile emoticon None of it would have happened without you! And you signed up and made COMMENTS, too – 28 of them! If you go to anyone else’s page and look, that is an extraordinary number of comments! It was an extraordinary amount of everything.
If you’d like to roll up your sleeves and help us MOVE HIGHER on the UNKOVR rankings (should we try for #%5?), then there are a couple of MORE WAYS TO VOTE. You can click on the title of any of our songs to the righthand side on our main page. That will take you to a new screen. There you will see a photo and a player button for that song. Under the photo, there are little square boxes where you can VOTE. Then you can click on the other song titles in that same window and vote for those. If you feel like listening and enjoying, playing the songs is also considered an interaction smile emoticon
You can also JOIN UNKOVR for FREE and make us a FAVORITE and leave a COMMENT. This helps a lot!
THIS UNKOVR thing MATTERS because it’s great way to show support for our music and get the word out about Jeni & Billy. It’s like you are putting up posters all around town about something you love and the town just happens to be cyberspace . . . pretty big town! And it didn’t even involve a staple gun or duct tape. Neat.
LOVE TO YOU ALL and thank you for being part of the story of Jeni & Billy. We are honored to be part of your story through our music. Off to work on the new song we wrote yesterday!

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