Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mastering Luck

Big Picnic Day in Nashville for Jeni & Billy! Mastering our new live CD, "Jeni & Billy - Live from LA with The Big Picnic Band." Sounding wild with energy and magical moments of musical collaboration!!! We'll be taking it with us to Britain at the end of April. If you are in the USA or Canada and would like a copy before you catch us on tour again, send $17.50 (USA fans) or $24.50 (Canadian fans, sorry, horrible postage costs) to jeniandbilly@gmail.com via PayPal. If you'd rather send a check, message me. CDs will go out in late April. UK fans, we'll have them at all shows! 

Mixing, Mastering, & Printing CDs is a crazy expensive undertaking, so pre-orders are always a happy happy thing for us!

First ever band versions of three of these Jeni & Billy favorites, and one of the first songs I wrote, The Hoot Owl, with Craig Eastman on an eerie gourd violin (a Rebec) that takes you right into the Appalachian mountains. Plus live versions of six songs from Picnic in the Sky. I love live CDs. They are always my favorite CDs of my favorite artists like Joni Mitchell's Miles of Aisles and Buena Vista Social Club. This live recording has crazy energy, everyone! We all brought our very best creative selves to this night and it's Jeni & Billy like you've never heard us before. 

The Hoot Owl
Chicken Ridge
McHenry Street
Picnic in the Sky
Reckoning Day
The Robin & the Banjo
The Mill Hurries On
The Mystery of You & Me
If I Ever Get $10
Sweet Song Coming Round

Dillon O'Brian on Piano, Organ, Accordion & Guitar
Craig Eastman on Violin, Low Violin, Rebec, Mandolin & Lap Steel
Dave Way on Bass
Denny Weston, Jr on Percussion including the famous Shovel & Rake
Billy Kemp on Vocals, Guitar, Banjo & Harmonica 
Jeni Hankins on Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Flatfoot

Mixed by Dave Way

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