Friday, February 6, 2015


Report from Ft Pierce, FL: Business first. Our two final Florida tours for 2015 are this weekend!!! Gainesville on Saturday. New Port Richey on Sunday. Both promise to be loads of fun! Truly. Tomorrow night is filling up! Details on both at
You can also contact Chuck Levy regarding Saturday night or Gerry McNamara Cload for the Sunday afternoon show. 

Wearing pajamas to go hiking accomplishes two things. First, the Eco-center guide completely underestimates my hiking prowess, so the pressure is off. Secondly, when I return and she learns that I've done the whole trail twice in my pajamas, she starts thinking about hiking in pajamas, wondering what kind of edge she could get out of that kind of gear.

You don't need special gear to walk. Go out and get those 10,000 steps a day! I'll be your friend across the miles! I've made a commitment to do my steps every day this year and it's been a blast watching those step numbers creep up each day and walking around living rooms and driveways at night just to get those last 1,000 steps. Start a pajama-walking revolution! It's fun to surprise people. I think I'll go for polar bear or penguin PJs next time. 

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