Friday, February 27, 2015

Mawmaw Margie loved doilies and frosties

We rearranged some things in the house today as part of getting the recording studio up and running smoothly and I found a new place for this bookshelf. I got this folk doll in Pennsylvania about 15 years ago and she's one of my favorite little things :)

My Mawmaw Margie was partial to the crocheted pot holders. We buried her 23 years ago on this day. I miss her and all of knick knacks. I think I've written on here about the plastic banana she pretended was a phone to make us kids laugh. She called him Charlie :)

A ranger in Florida gave me this owl feather which I treasure. 

Life is short and full of surprises. Change comes upon you in a minute and you are in the middle of a new place in your mind. Mawmaw Margie wouldn't have any truck with all that philosophizing. She'd say, "Let's go down to the Wendy's and get us a frosty, girl!" 

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