Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lady Smokey: Cooking up a family recipe while listening to Jeni & Billy

Traveling around, we are always surprised by how many people we meet who have ties to Southwest Virginia, West Virginia, and the Appalachians. How lovely to discover that a friend and neighbor has those ties, too, and that our music takes her back in time and place to her own childhood. Thanks to Kathryn for featuring Picnic in the Sky in her most recent blog post on a family visit and a favorite family recipe -- pepperoni rolls!
These look so scrumptious and we are going to jump into winging a vegan version with tofurky pepperoni. But Kathryn also says they make yummy dinner rolls. Oooo!
Kathryn is always cooking up something more-ish on her lady smokey blog, so you could follow her and cook with her! We do!

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