Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jeni & Billy February 2015 Newsletter Hot off the Cyber-press

Howdy Friends! We have a new newsletter hot off the cyber-presses. Wooohoooo! The highlights are our two new videos (y'all on social media are way ahead on that), our newly designed website (ooooh, ahhh), and the scoop on our upcoming tours. You can read it here:

We would LOVE to have you on our email list because that's how we can let you know about stuff and it's not controlled by a Facebook/Twitter/Cyberlord algorithm. Meaning, you will actually get it when we send it which is the whole idea!

If you didn't get the newsletter, that means I couldn't read your handwriting when you signed up for it (what would your Kindergarten teacher say!), you never signed up for it (gasp!), your email changed and you forgot all about changing it at J&B Headquarters (we understand, cyberspace is a lot of work! yes, it actually is getting crazy), or you sent me a note saying your email changed which I noticed, but forgot about because I do an insane amount of email every day and sometimes on little objects like an iPhone (eek, I am sorry).

This can all be remedied by visiting and putting your email address in the little white box on the righthand side and that would be much better than sending me your address via email, because I am liable to forget to add it to our list even though I mean to. Lots of smiles to you out there!

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