Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sending love and light

Love and Light to our friends at Hanukkah! How lovely to receive this robin brooch made by my talented sewing friend, Sarah, all the way from York, England. This is light and love right on my lapel in the form of friendship and tremendous thoughtfulness. Thank you, friend.

Some of our Facebook friends have been talking about the grey weather and I do know how you feel. I find this is the hardest time of year for me to maintain my sunny disposition and that I have to reach far far into myself and far far outside myself for all of the light I can find.

People often ask me who books our tours, and the answer is that I do. And they wonder how we decided where we go and when. The answer to that is that I try to follow the warm weather! But sometimes, we encounter the cold and grey and for me that is a true test. Just like my accent starts to sound a bit British while we are in Britain, my mood can become a bit grey when the sky is grey.

So, may I ask that if you have any reserves of light and love and you wouldn't mind sharing a bit with me today, I would be most grateful. And I will do my utmost to draw the light out, too, and send some to you and that will be very good for us both, and many, and all. I'm already doing it this minute and starting to feel better! LOVE. LOVE. and LOVE.

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