Saturday, December 13, 2014

First Collection of Tour Reports

Thanks to all of the folks who have pre-ordered or reserved a copy of my VERY FIRST COLLECTION OF TOUR REPORTS! I am hard at work going over the reports and choosing additional photos for the book version. I have always wanted to make a book of my writing and photos, so I am ecstatic that this is going forward. If you'd like to reserve a copy and pay later or HELP OFFSET the costs of the initial printing by pre-ordering, read on!

Here's the scoop!


I am going to publish the reports from our Way Out West Tour in a beautiful boutique magazine format as well as in PDF format. The magazine will include all of the reports and photos as well as additional musings and photos from the tour. Some of you have expressed an interest in seeing this come to fruition. Thank you!

The printed version will cost $22.50 with USA shipping. The PDF will cost $15. International costs below.

ALL print orders will also come with the PDF version to read on computers or tablets.

If you could LET ME KNOW if you would be interested in either format by COMMENT or DIRECT MESSAGE, I would be glad. Then I can get an idea of the interest out there, and decide on my print run. Or if you want to pre-order and HELP OFFSET the up front cost of printing, you can send the money to via Paypal. Just got to, choose "send money," and type in our email address.

Shipping to Canada would be $8, so the cost is $28. Shipping to the rest of the world outside the USA & Canada will be $10, so the total cost is $30. PDF version is $15 no matter where you are. Special offer to those in Britain: I can bring your print copy with me across the pond in May and send you the PDF until then to save on shipping, if you like. So that would make your cost a flat $20.

Expected delivery time is the end of January!


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