Friday, October 24, 2014

The touring life and Zac

Report from Napa, California: This is Zac, he's 7. Friends like Zac are one of the many reasons that touring the way that we do makes for a beautiful life. I held Zac for about a half an hour today. Some artists would think taking two months on the road to play 17 dates is pure craziness. They would say that you can do that in 19 days tops and get back home, but I have a feeling they would have missed out on Zac. And that's probably OK for them, but not for me. 

For Billy and me, touring is a way of life. We leave home in order to see and to be with others, including small furry others like Zac. For lots of folks who make their living in the same way that we do, their job is a series of vans, bars, gritty green rooms, and motels, or a series of airplanes, drivers, luxury hotels, and dressing rooms. And they may feel right at home there. But our job is a series of grasslands, canyons, driveways, living rooms, libraries, lakes, community halls, campsites, sunsets, kitchen tables, a temperamental jeep, a patient Airstream, and unexpected friends like Zac. 

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