Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Farewell Texas! See you again soon!

Report from West Texas: In ninth grade, my family moved from temperate, gorgeous Las Cruces, New Mexico, to cold -- unreasonably cold -- Omaha, Nebraska. We only lived in Omaha for one year because we protested and my Dad found a job in Nashville. But sometimes I

forgot all about the cold because of my friends -- Rachel, Shanna , Clint, Jason, and Shawn.

El Paso used to be a place we rushed through trying not to see the feed lots and resisting the urge to yell, "Run!," to the cows from the windows of the Jeep. But now it's this great place where Clint & Laura live with their very lovable kids. Alex took us on a narrated tour of their house. Samantha told us about a very gross centipede. And 18 month old Isaac nearly came out on tour with us! Cyrus was adopted into their family for a few minutes and us for a few hours. It felt really really good. And we even went away with brownies and a Juarez drink cosy. 

Tonight, we entered New Mexico and said goodbye to Texas -- a state that opened its arms to us for a week through the kindness of its people. 

Here's a parting shot from one of our favorite Texas landmarks, the diesel repair shop in Van Horn, Texas.

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