Thursday, June 20, 2019

Help with my Airbnb description, please!

Hey all! I'm working on my description for my Airbnb which in the last few weeks of coming together! Here it is, if you have time to let me know if I might have missed something obvious. There will be a grid-thingy online with checkmarks to show all of the boring stuff like the fact that there's a washer and dryer, coffee-maker, etc. I'm just trying to describe the overall experience. ALSO, the Englishman and I brainstormed on names and we wondered about something like Coal Camp Cottage or Coal Mountain Cottage because of my Jewell Ridge history, etc, but I also want to honor the history of this particular house which Mr Draper built. So, thoughts about that would be great.

I will be leaving detailed descriptions on how things work inside the house.

I completely understand that only a few people may have time to comment, I just thought I would ask in case some folks were interested! 

Welcome to Draper House – a quiet and quaint wonderland for musicians and vintage lovers. Built by Mr. Draper in 1912 for his family, this wood-framed house with a big ole porch has only seen three owners in 107 years! Current owner, songwriter and Appalachian Folk musician Jeni Hankins, shuttles between Nashville and London, and welcomes you to her home while she’s away. 

You’ll find all of the modern amenities like Google Fiber internet, a Smart Vizio TV, Apple TV, etc. But you’ll also feel like you’ve traveled back in time while surrounded by original woodwork and mantlepieces. Soak in the history while you play Jeni’s 1970’s Baldwin spinet piano, Seagull SG+ Folk guitar, Baby Taylor African-Bubinga-wood guitar, no-name 1930’s mandolin, and early 1900s open-back banjo. Have your own jam session on the old-fashioned porch where there are plenty of chairs and spots for drinks!

As a touring musician herself, Jeni knows what a stress it can be to travel, especially to fly, with your instruments. But if you really love pickin’, it’s tough to be without them. So, as her guest, you won’t have to hem and haw about buying a flight case or playing overhead-bin roulette, just play her instruments and bring them to life while she’s gone.

AND if you LOVE VINTAGE, you’ve come to a home that will get all of your ideas flowing. Set up a photo shoot on the Eastlake sofa, in the cowboy rocker, or in the clawfoot tub. Jeni’s front porch has been the set for many a photo shoot! You’ll find everything from tin doll houses to mini-matchstick cabins on her shelves. Plenty of these things she’s rescued from the hillsides and houses in her native Appalachia. Plus, East Nashville is absolutely chock-full of vintage shops, if you want to take goodies home!

Want to sit back and watch a movie or listen to music? Jeni has everything from a Columbia Grafonola to iHeart Radio, from VHS to Chromecast. Her house is full of vinyl records, DVDs, tapes, CDs, etc. Want more tunes? East Nashville is home to no less than three music shops, all of which have new and vintage vinyl sections. 

Are you a bookworm? Jeni is too. She has everything from Dickens to Marilyn Monroe on her bookshelves, including a full set of The Oxford English Dictionary. Yep, all twenty volumes. Go ahead and look up that word you’ve always wondered about.

Do you like to sew? Jeni’s grandmothers and mother taught her to sew and she rarely goes anywhere without a needle and thread. She has a fully working 1940’s Singer electric in its sewing table in the bedroom and a 1960’s Singer hand crank machine which she welcomes confident stitchers to use. Jeni uses the hand-crank machine to sing and sew in her concerts!

Lots of paper, pens, pencils, scissors, tape, and a new wireless printer/copier/scanner for scribbling down ideas or printing off a letter to say you’re staying an extra week at Draper House!

Come and write a song here, write a novel, take a week to read good books, sew a quilt, or just sit out on the porch and watch the house sparrows and eastern cottontail rabbits. 

This neighborhood is QUIET and this is not a through street, so you’ll have plenty of calm, but if you’re looking for bright neon lights and plenty of live music, there are four buses that take you directly from Jeni’s street to downtown in ten minutes. Not a fan of the bus? Save on parking costs downtown and grab a ride with Uber or Lyft. Want some energy closer to the house? How about Five Points which is only four blocks away! It’s home to bars, restaurants, and the famous Five Spot music venue of the TV series Nashville. There’s plenty of free parking on the street in front of the house, so you can rent a car with confidence if you prefer to be your own chauffeur. 

Prefer to walk or cycle? There are several grocery stores, a post office, a bank, eateries, the public library, vintage and record shops, hair salons, spas, gift shops, bars, churches, liquor stores, and even a big art supply shop within a 10 to 20 minute walk of Jeni’s house. No, really. It’s a super walkable neighborhood with sidewalks everywhere. And Jeni has two lockable bikes out on the porch which you are welcome to use. One is an adult trike with a basket for collecting supplies. And she also has a collapsible rolling shopping cart which you can take, if you’re on foot, to carry home your groceries. 

Want to bring friends? Draper House has one bedroom with a double bed, but there’s also a queen size air mattress and bedding available. Want to bring a lot of friends, but want your own space? There’s a huge Airbnb next door and many others literally moments away. Come as a group, but carve some space out for yourself. Why not?

Jeni has spent the last twelve years of her life touring and staying with friends and fans as well as in hostels, hotels, motels, and campgrounds. It’s her aim to make a space for you in her home that will feel just as nice as her favorite places to stay. Welcome to Draper House!

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