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2006 Limited Edition Bambi 16ft Quicksilver 75th Anniversary Airstream FOR SALE

2006 Limited Edition Bambi 16ft
Quiksilver 75th Anniversary Airstream FOR SALE



PLEASE SHARE: Due to my permanent relocation to the UK, I am selling my beloved and well-traveled 2006 Limited Edition Bambi 16ft Quiksilver 75th Anniversary Airstream Travel Trailer. It was my childhood dream to travel with one of these silver wonders and I was blessed to do that very thing for ten years! But, it’s impractical for me to take this beauty across the ocean to England and it would be remiss of me to let it sit lonely in my Nashville backyard. This Bambi is ready for new adventures!

Want to travel? Want to camp? Want a tiny guest house? Want a writer’s retreat? Want a super cool backdrop for your music video? You can not do better than this adorable and super-stylish trailer. If you take it out on the road, be prepared to show it to tons of random strangers in parking lots and campgrounds across America. 

I hope that you will find all that you need to know about this LIMITED EDITION AIRSTREAM below. Any questions? Message me! Or email me at Please no time wasters or curiosity seekers. I am not just being a “busy person” when I say that I have a lot on my plate right now. So, I want a simple, clean sale with no tricky stuff! 

First, I’m offering a $2000 discount if you can complete the sale and take the Airstream with you before July 1. So, anytime between now and June 30th, if you are here in Nashville with the money and your vehicle, and you take the trailer away, you will pay $2000 less. You will pay $33,000.

Second, the price is firm. I despise haggling and will not be worn down. I have given my price TONS of thought and I know that it is fair. I have no interest in trying to get as much out of people as possible, but I will not undersell this trailer. It is used, but not abused. It is rare and very few of them show up on the secondhand market. You know how Loretta Lynn says, “Don’t come home a-drinkin’ with lovin’ on your mind?” Well, don’t come to my house with hagglin’ on your mind, either!

Now to the details: 

2006 Airstream Bambi (16 ft), 75th Anniversary Quiksilver Edition for quick sale: $35,000


Mine has most of the available upgrades and options, including audio upgrade with multi-CD changer, CD player, mini-jack, DVD, LCD TV on wrap around mounting, wrap around windows front and rear (these are AMAZING when you are camping – the view, the cross-breeze), air conditioner with heat strip, 12,000 BTU furnace, electric hitch jack, refrigerator with freezer, curb side awning, Fantastic Fan with rain sensor, spare tire and mount. No solar panels, but it could be fitted for those. I no longer have the subwoofer and wireless speaker, but wireless speakers have come a long way since 2006! That speaker was the size of a soccer ball! If you want the specs, please see the spec sheet.

I am also offering, at no extra cost, two spare Blue Rhino LP Gas tanks, if you’d like them. I am also including a lightly used battery charger. I can also offer at no cost a futon mattress which fits the bed area. It is clean, but the cover, though washed thoroughly, retains some staining from reckless drinking of cups of tea in bed.


This trailer has seen a lot of use. It’s been across the USA and back many times (seven?), and up and down the coasts and the middle, plus into Ontario and back, clocking nearly 200,000 towed miles. There were many tire blow-outs, one of which took out the waste system which I replaced. I’ve had the wheel bearings re-packed at least once, so it’s probably time for another go. The furnace stopped working almost right away and was replaced under warranty. I’ve had the galley floor replaced by Airstream twice, once due to a rain leak through the refrigerator vent, once due to a failure in the water storage tank system. I have replaced a quarter of the under-the-bed storage floor due to a leak in the window above. I have re-caulked the window and areas around that part of the storage bay floor (passenger side). Airstream also replaced the back center window which was shattered in Pennsylvania and one of the front window guards which blew off in Texas. Dozens of other tiny repairs! Many many tires. The current tires are from 2015.

Because my towing vehicle bit the dust in January of 2016, this Airstream has been winterized and stationary since then. I cleaned the entire inside thoroughly with a magic eraser sponge at that point since my diesel tow vehicle left a thin skim of grey particulate all over the white interior. That worked great and it’s now white and clean again! I have washed the outside twice a year since 2016. 

I have not run most of the appliances since 2016. The hot water heater was drained and the plumbing system, too, as part of the winterization process. The refrigerator was working well as of February of this year (2019) when I turned it off to be greener. I haven’t used the furnace, air conditioner, or gas cooking burners since 2016. The passenger side speaker over the bed area works intermittently and has been that way for most of my trailer’s life. 

I am selling the trailer AS-IS because I cannot vouch for all of these systems. And I am not a technician and cannot attest to structural integrity, nitty-gritty, etc. If I weren’t moving permanently to the UK, I would be buying another towing vehicle and heading out on the road with it myself, but that is all I can say about it’s road-readiness. I would strongly recommend taking it for a check-up since it has been sitting for three years. I would do that my own self before I went out with it again.

I have looked after this Airstream over the years and repaired any issues that arose. Most of those repairs were done by Airstream in Jackson Center, Ohio, at the mothership. Other repairs were done as needed on the road or at Camping World in Nashville, TN. 

I am also selling the trailer AS-IS because I will not haggle with you if you come and say, well, there’s some staining on this part of the tiny closet floor. I have taken the condition into account when setting the price. This trailer was used, loved, and went everywhere across America. It’s not a showpiece that was kept in a garage, even though it is a collector’s item. Be prepared for signs of use. AND be prepared to realize that owning an Airstream or any trailer means maintenance and the unexpected. The number of times I thought all was going swimmingly only to find a soft spot in the floor (water tank leak) or I heard a big boom (blow-out #8) were many and various  – even when the trailer just sits, it keeps you on your toes.

That said, I am presenting you with all of the information that I have at this point in my Airstream’s life.

I have retained all of the original appliances and most of the decor ( I don’t have the original mattress or bedding). I do have the doormat, original manual, two Airstream tumblers, and two Airstream coffee mugs. I have the Airstream keychain, keys to the many locks, and the Airstream canvas zipper bag with paperwork and manuals for all of the appliances. I also have the original sales receipt. I will pass all of this on to you. 

I own the title free and clear and I will also transfer this to you. 

Please do not ask me about towing. I have no idea if your car/suv/truck/bicycle will pull this trailer. I am not a towing expert. I pulled it with a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel and felt like my vehicle was always pushed to its limit. I used tow bars to stabilize the trailer which came in really handy during those tire blow-outs. That’s all I can say. Check with your vehicle manufacturer and read the forums. I drive a Fiat 500 on the other side of the road now, so I am not your best bet for towing advice! I do not have tow bars or a hitch receiver anymore for this trailer. 

I hope the photos are helpful and I will be glad to answer any reasonable questions. I will accept payment by cash in person OR by bank cashier’s check in person. The check must clear my bank before I hand over the keys and the title and you take the Airstream. I am reluctant to get into bank transfers, etc, because of all of the scams, etc. So, if you want to do a transfer, we will have to think hard about that and the Airstream definitely won’t be going anywhere until the money is in my account.

Please contact me at if you are interested! 

Here’s a YouTube of what this model of Airstream looked like pretty much new, though this is a used one. NOTE: This is NOT my Airstream (see photos for my Airstream), so I don’t have the bedding pictured in this video. But, otherwise, my Airstream is the same and you can see the awning extended. My awning is the same!

This Airstream has had a good life, full of adventure! This is your chance to experience the travel trailer life in a limited edition, super stylish, ultra-portable, classy Airstream!


Two LP gas tanks under the front cover.
You are also welcome to my two extra Blue Rhino gas tanks.

You are welcome to the wheel chocks and leveling chock.


Water and Septic hoses included. Also a septic hose rest and washing up bowl. Plus some hitch-ball grease and sundries.

Original curtains have been washed and ironed. A few light sun-stains on the curtains, but they are in pretty great shape! Quiksilver reading lights in great shape. Need a bulb for one.

TV was working as of 2016. Listened to the radio the other day. Works great except for the one pesky speaker above the bed on the passenger side. Always been intermittent.

Got rid of the Airstream issue mattress and replaced with a much more comfortable futon mattress (not pictured) which I'm happy to pass on to you.  

Tiny closet! Can't believe I kept all of my stage costumes in here.

I always got tickled when people asked me if the refrigerator was a dishwasher!
Hot water heater control and fresh water/black water meter on top left above sink. There is only one waste-water tank which combines the grey and black water. The sensor has never worked properly for the waste-water. A common problem with these. The fresh water sensor is reliable when the trailer is level.

I had the toilet mechanism replaced at some point along the line.

You are welcome to the battery charger. Comes in handy.

Yep, the usual Airstream corrosion on both tail-lights.

AND THE SPEC SHEET. See my long letter above to understand which optional features I have and do not have!

Looking forward to talking with you!

If you are a super-completist, this trailer was used by the Appalachian Folk Duo, Jeni & Billy, for touring from 2006 to 2016. If you'd like a full copy of our discography, I will gladly pass that on with the sale of the trailer.

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