Thursday, April 9, 2015

My new book is now for sale!

I'm very happy to announce that my collection of tour reports “Reports from Out West: On Tour with Jeni & Billy, October - December 2014" is with the printer and will be delivered to Nashville next Friday, so I will be able to bring 12 copies with me to Britain! They are very heavy, so that’s all I can manage with the new CDs, too! They’ve come out very nicely and I am so grateful to everyone who encouraged me to collect my reports into a book!

So, if you are in Britain and would like to buy a copy, they will be £15. But since I will only have 12 of them, it would be great if you could let me know that you would like to me to set one aside for you in case I won’t see you until the end of the tour. OR you can even pay in advance by sending $22.50 (US Dollars) to via Paypal. Either way is perfectly fine if you’re not keen on Paypal.

Folks worldwide can order a PDF version for $10 that you can read on your computer/tablet/iPad (wherever PDFs are supported) online at Blurb. It looks fantastic in this PDF format and you can handily EXPAND the type for easy readability. I did try to keep the type fairly large throughout the book for ease of reading. eBook format is still in the works due to a technical glitch on their end.

Friends in the USA can order their own printed copy of my new book directly from Blurb by following this link:

I may order some more to bring to shows in the fall . . . but if you’d like one now, just follow the link. That link is also good for purchasing the PDF version.


P.S. If you pre-ordered (THANK YOU!), I sent out an email today with a link to my Dropbox where you can download the PDF version. I will mail your print version on Monday, April 20. Let me know if you didn't get the email. I used the email address connected to your Paypal payment.

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