Friday, April 17, 2015

Live in LA with the Big Picnic Band

A whole lotta happenings here! Just got our new CD in the mail. This is our favorite Jeni & Billy CD since Jewell Ridge Coal, no doubt, hands down. If you are in the USA or Canada and would like a copy before we head to England (imminently), I would be tickled to pieces to send you one (see instructions below!). One night only, last November, Jeni & Billy with the Big Picnic Band. Dave Way​ on bass, Dillon O'Brian​ on vocals, keys, and accordion, Denny Weston Jr.​, on drums, and Craig Eastman on everything under the sun. Check out the track list. if you ever wanted to hear Chicken Ridge with a the chicken-est sounding fiddle there ever was and percussion scratched out on a garden shovel, it’s in here. If you ever wanted to hear If I Ever Get $10 with that funky full band feel, right here. And, if you’ve seen our video for Reckoning Day, you have an an idea of how everything came together in this completely magical and crazy gorgeous way. Check it out for a sample of what's to come on this record:

Mixed by the incomparable magic ears of Dave Way (gasp! Soooooo thrilled) at the Waystation in LA. Mastered by the subtle and so so smart Jim DeMain (Amy Marie assisting) at Yes Master Studios​ in Nashville. 100% Jeni & Billy Big Picnic Goodness. Ten songs, no stories (that’s coming on another little thing), full speed ahead, down home, southern style, straight from the heart, authentic, original, Appalachian (with some sweet sparkles from Hollywood) music. 

Thanks to my Dad, Greg Hankins​, for helping me design the package. Thanks to the lovely Fur Dixon​ of the quick eye for the gorgeous photos. And thanks to Carolyn Baker​ for the sweet back cover photo which made the perfect chalk board for our song titles. Alison Moynihan-Eastman​ was my best gal in this fairy tale night (love you). Wendysue Rosloff​ and Ella Mae​ hooted from the audience with aplomb. Thanks to Mark Indictor​ and Patricia VanOver​ for being the masterminds behind the Reckoning Day video (sending love you two).

To order: USA folks send $17.50 to on Paypal. Canadian folks send $22.50 USD (horrible horrible postage costs, I apologize). Not a fan of Paypal or feeling old-timey today, send a check, just message me for the address and send it today ‘cause this train is heading to England very soon! Otherwise, we’ll have it at all concerts from here on out! Up on CDbaby/iTunes soon . . . ! Hugsssss!

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