Monday, April 27, 2015

Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop

Surprise! Just in time to fly over the sea today, we have our newest new CD in our hands:
Jeni & Billy: Live from McCabe's Guitar Shop.
You can get it at CDbaby (link at the bottom). Hands down, my favorite versions of Tazewell Beauty Queen and Jewell Ridge Coal are on this new McCabe's Record!
Thanks SO MUCH to Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band for inviting us along on November 7, 2014, to open the show for them at this storied venue! And thanks to all of the folks in the audience who got into the family reunion spirit and laughed their heads off during the show! What a super surprise that Wayne Griffith, the brilliant sound man from McCabe's, recorded the show. Thanks Wayne! And thanks to everyone at McCabe's for making us so welcome.
This week, we've also released "Live in LA with the Big Picnic Band" - a music-only CD including ten songs across ten years of our Jeni & Billy catalog recorded live with the Big Picnic Band at the Pasadena Folk Music Society. This is my favorite Jeni & Billy record since Jewell Ridge Coal!
Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop includes seven songs across our catalog, seven stories, and an introduction, all on separate tracks, so you can make a songs only version. You can actually hear the audience get more and more tickled as the concert builds!
LIVEINLACDCOVER Both CDs are available on CD Baby! And at all shows . . .
Digital version of McCabe's will be up in the next day or two.
Ok, that's it! Time to arrange our luggage!

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