Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remembering Mawmaw Margie in collage, a lesson with Sally Haig

Report from Pleasanton, California: Sometimes being a traveling musician means that I get to make art with one of my favorite artists! Last night, Sally Haig showed me how to do gel transfer and collage with this photograph of Mawmaw Margie and my Mom, Marcella Hankins. 

It think it was fitting that we worked on the collage after watching the World Series -- Mawmaw Margie was such a baseball nut. Though, she wouldn't have had much truck with this series, since she was only interested in rooting against the Yankees in their pin-striped uniforms.

Mawmaw Margie loved Jim Reeves, Andy Griffith, and alyssum flowers. She let us eat as much Booberry and Honeycomb cereal as we wanted. She had a vinyl floor in her kitchen that looked just like bricks and I thought the wooden post that held up her laundry line looked just like a cross. Since she didn't go to church like my other grandmothers, my little self thought that she just chose to have church outside with the laundry. And though, people at the church talked about being "washed," Mawmaw Margie got right down and scrubbed. Sarah and I chased each other in and out, out and in, through the sheets and blue jeans -- Mawmaw Margie with clothes pins in her mouth and a pink hairnet on her head, laughing, laughing, laughing.

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