Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lulu Wall & Pretty Saro, two aggravating women

On Friday, I’ll be posting our Song & Story of the Month for fan club folks! Actually, this month I’ve decided to post two songs, a little audio snippet, and a story. It must be that I am still feeling Valentine-y. Both songs are ones we didn’t write – “Lulu Wall” which was popularized by the Carter Family and “Pretty Saro” which has been around since the 1700s! On "Lulu Wall," I make a rare recording studio appearance on my John Hollandsworth Birdseye Maple autoharp. 

If you’d like to have these songs for your Jeni & Billy song collection, just head on over to the Fan Club. You can join for $1 a month, so that’s less than the cost of a CD for a whole year of Jeni & Billy rarities and ephemera! It's my aim to make the fan club affordable for everyone, so we can all enjoy it together.

This photo comes from our February 2007 recording sessions at Oceanway Nashville where we were getting ready to record “Lulu Wall.” I miss those tennis shoes, I think I wore them out. Time to go check my closet!

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