Thursday, September 17, 2015

Snoopy for President and Warm Morning Stoves

Another warm morning stove! Turns out we had one in the house at Davidson College when my Dad was a student there. We had cowboy hats, too, and a "Snoopy for President" sweatshirt. Fun! The stove is that brown shiny thing behind me. This one was gas whereas the one on Smith Ridge was coal burning.

We wrote that song about the warm morning stove and it’s so pretty. I love singing it. Billy said I did some of my best singing ever on this. Just tracked it on his little recording app on the iPad, but you can hear our living room in the sound. This was the second take where we added Billy’s harmony. If you want to hear it, we’re getting it ready for the fan club for tomorrow. No pressure – it may also end up on the new record. You never know with songs, how they’ll all fit together. But you can hear it, if you like, and there’s a no fuss way just to get this one song if you don’t want to fool with sign-ups, etc.

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