Thursday, May 7, 2015

Session in Thurlston

Report from The Huntsman in Thurlston near Barnsley: Thanks to all of our friends in Barnsley who made our stay such a lovely one - from the Barnsley Folk & Acoustic Night on Monday to the session at the Huntsman last night with plenty of sewing and guitar picking in between -- oh, and a gourmet veggie lasagna! Particular thanks to Dave  & Joy Bottomley who look after us every year and Sarah Greenwood who lights up the room with her smile and her fiddling! Thanks to Andy, the landlord of The Huntsman, who made us feel so welcome and to all of the singers last night, much much love! 
See you all again in June!
Here we go to Ipswich for the Orwell Bluegrass Festival!


  1. Lovely to meet the two of you at our weekly acoustic session at the Huntsman Jeni; we look forward to jamming along with you and Billy again sometime. You write great songs and I'd like to cover one or two (with your permission of course!) Good luck on the rest of your tour - we'll try to catch up with you in Scarborough! Love - Jim & Maggie xx

    1. We'd be delighted for you to sing any of our songs Jim & Maggie! Thank you all for being so very welcoming to us! We really hope that you can make it to Scarborough Lots of smiles to you, Love, Jeni & Billy too


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