Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September News



Just a quick note to say that I will be playing the Barnsley Folk and Acoustic Night in one week on Wednesday, 12 September. I've been playing for the folks in Barnsley for nine years now and can hardly believe so much time has passed since I wrote to them very tentatively back in 2009 to ask if they would book Jeni & Billy at the Folk Club. They always have great singers and a listening atmosphere, so come along and sing along.

At the end of September, I will be flying over to California to play three shows. I will be back at Fiddlers Crossing in Tehachapi on Saturday, 29 September, and at The Pasadena Folk Music Society on Saturday, 6 October. There's also talk of a house concert in Huntington Beach on Friday, 5 October. So, please stay tuned by checking the website and I will send another newsletter out to confirm that Friday date just before I leave for California. I apologize to folks on the Central Coast and in the Bay Area and beyond for not making it up to your area this time around. Perhaps you fancy an excursion to the south and I will see you in Pasadena or Tehachapi!
I have two new videos for you to enjoy. The first is a new song that I wrote for my Dad, Greg Hankins, over the two year anniversary of his death from leukemia. The song is about strenght and resilience in the face of grief and includes references to several of the songs that he and I loved.
 Still from video
The second video comes from my performance at the Gardeners Rest in Sheffield during the Tramlines festival in July. My friend Alison Wild drove up from London on the day in order to sign in British sign language for two songs. Here is our version of Miner's Reward. I think she does a beautiful interpretation of the song.

Alison Signs
There is talk of house concerts in Preston and Huddersfield in October or November when I get back from California and a show of my photographs from great-great-granddad's cabin in Sheffield sometime in the fall or early next year. So, stay tuned for further adventures!
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