Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Back in the USA Tour!

First. Let me say how sad I am about the violence in Las Vegas. I had the honor of playing for the United Mine Workers of America at their convention in Las Vegas several years ago and, last year, I spent two days before Christmas in Las Vegas where I took respite between two weeks of rough camping in the Mojave desert. I associate Las Vegas with two of the signature moments of my adult life and I encountered so much joy and good will on both occasions that I would welcome any chance to return to that glittering city in the sands. Let us never lose hope that people will choose peace over violence in times to come. 

I’m on my way to the USA this week. Huge thanks to all of my friends and hosts in the UK for making this a great year of touring for me, so far. This is my first year of touring solo and I’ve had a blast thanks to your enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you from way deep down in my heart.

My first American concerts are coming up quickly – Soup and Song House Concert in Marriottsville on Saturday (7 Oct) and the RothOverby House Concert in Falls Church on Sunday (8 Oct). 
Then my travels will take me to Kennett Square near Philadelphia for a house concert hosted by Susan & Rob (Sat, 14 Oct). See contact info at the bottom of this letter if you’d like to come!

And, after that, I will make a rare concert appearance in my own hometown! Thanks very much to the folks at the Appalachian Arts Center and Southwest Virginia Community College for inviting me!

In November, I will be playing several library concerts in Florida, especially around the greater Tampa area, and also in Lakeland. There may be a house concert in Gainesville . . . stay tuned for a newsletter in early November for more. I will also be returning to Huntsville, Alabama, to play for the folks at NAMI who do vital work to support families with mental illness.

Many folks from the Naples area have written to ask why I’m not playing at the libraries there and I will have to find a new venue in Naples! The libraries have undergone a significant re-structuring after event co-ordinator Patti DeGroot retired a few years ago. So, if you’d like to host a house concert in Naples or Marco Island OR if your church or community center can offer a space at a low or no cost, then I would be very glad to give a ticketed concert in Naples. There may be just enough time to plan something for November. So, write to me with your suggestion or idea!

Because many of the October concerts are house concerts, I am going to give you some contact information for those at the bottom of this letter. Seating is limited at the concerts in Falls Church and Kennett Square, so please do email them ahead of the day to see if there is room!

My NEW CD, The Oxygen Girl, is for sale at bandcamp where I get more of the proceeds of the sale OR CDbaby where you can buy all kinds of independent music! You can buy a physical copy of the CD or a digital copy or both!

The Oxygen Girl got a terrific review in Folkworks! Art Podell says:

From the first note she sings on her new CD, The Oxygen Girl, Jeni Hankins can’t be mistaken for anyone else. She’s your best pal sharing a song and a cup at the kitchen table. Friendly, warm, Virginia daughter, real.

The Oxygen Girl is a patchwork of events and places seen through the eyes of a young woman seeking resolution and healing. Each song is a time-stamp of a moment in her life. The songs hop-scotch back and forth across the Atlantic like a travelogue whose pages have been disassembled and reassembled, and end in a tribute to the young father Jeni lost in 2016 and whose memory haunts every song on her journey. Sharing a chapter in a life is not an easy thing to accomplish. It’s accomplished in The Oxygen Girl.

The presence and excellence of the inspired playing, engineering, guidance and spirit of multi-instrumentalist and producer Craig Eastman cannot be overlooked if one is to understand the simplicity of the message and how rigorously it is protected. The musical bonds that connect Craig and Jeni and their singleness of vision is obvious throughout. 

A fleshy and personal slice of a woman’s year-long vagabond journey.”

Wow! I am tickled with that! To read the full review, go here!

Ok, time to pack my suitcase! See you soon!

Smiles and peace,


For more info or directions to the following concerts, here you go:

Saturday, Oct 7, 7 pm, Soup & Song House Concert, Marriottsville, MD: soupandsong@icloud.com
Sunday, Oct 8, 2pm, RothOverby House Concert, Falls Church, VA: overroth2@gmail.com
Saturday, Oct 14, 7pm, Susan & Rob House Concert, Kennett Square, PA: shankin28@gmail.com

And you can always find concert details on my website tour page.

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