Thursday, April 21, 2016

New season on the road

Report from I-40, heading east: A very rare early morning for Jeni & Billy. I always say that a 4 am wake up time should be reserved strictly for international travel and emergencies. We sent off the master and the artwork for our new record at 1:37 am this morning (fireworks, shooting stars, ancestors waving from photographs), had a quick catnap, and here we are at the front of 600 miles that will take us to Richmond, Virginia, for a concert tonight. 

We don't always cut things this close, since that helps us avoid those 4 am alarms, but we used all of the available time to make our new song document just like contestants on cupcake wars or jeopardy. Now we wait.

But no, quick, here we go to Richmond. And by a strange and comical turn of events, we'll drive right back to Nashville, tomorrow. Then we'll head to Merlefest on Wednesday! 

Last night, while we were waiting for our massive album file to whir and click itself into being, we played our songs without the record light on for the first time in months. We laughed, tried some of the new songs, and scowled at tuning pegs. Singing together again. The best thing. And suddenly, in the space of our two hour catnap, our studio season has ended and our touring season has begun. 

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