Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Newsletter is here!

Our December newsletter is hot off the virtual press! Highlights are a round-up of 2015, our forecast for 2016, a link to our Rockabilly Jingle Bells, Fan Club news, and an appeal for homestay lodging for the Naples leg of our Florida tour at the end of January. Check it out using this link:

Thank you for being part of our adventures in 2015!

This year, we played 70 shows in the USA and Britain. We released two live CDs as well as a travel book about our 2014 tour out west. We made t-shirts, tea towels, and tote bags for our tour in Britain and our fans loved them, so we will have them in the USA for 2016 - and we'll have an all new design in Britain this coming summer! Our Jeep bit the dust in 2015, but our VW Golf, Mr Tomato, took up the slack and carried us everywhere this year - plus he carried 90 pounds of Navajo Bluebird Flour across the USA at the end of our Way Out West tour. Zoom!

Wishing you LIGHT and LOVE! Jeni & Billy too

P.S. If you didn't get the newsletter, your email address may have changed, I couldn't decipher your handwriting, I was tired when I typed in your email address, or you never signed up, egads! Just go to the home page and make it all better by signing up in the white box on the righthand side. You won't get this newsletter, but you can read it by following the link above. You will get the next one and that will be lovely!

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