Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hand Sewn Patchwork Pillows for sale!

Patchwork Pillow happiness. I sold my first patchwork pillow in person at our Huntington Beach concert on Saturday night and our friend Edie who had seen my pillows on Facebook, came by and picked up two that she had ordered. Thanks Edie!! Mawmaw was really excited to hear about it all. It brightened her day to know that I was making an income from sewing. It's exciting for me, too, since it's a skill I've practiced since I was little and I enjoy it so very much.
If you'd like to order a patchwork pillow, let me know. They are $75 plus postage. Entirely hand sewn by yours truly. I can send you a photo of the middles that I have with me – that's the piece of fabric in the middle (often pictorial) around which I build the the patchwork. The backs are made of recycled shirts, some with pockets (for prayers, wishes, dreams), some without. If you especially want a back with a pocket let me know and that will be no trouble at all smile emoticon The pillows vary in size from about 8 x 12 inches to 15 x 15, some wide, some tall. I just decide where to stop when I feel like the colors have all come together.

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