Thursday, July 30, 2015

August Newsletter! Here it is!

Hey Hey! Just in time, hot of the cyber-press, our latest Newsy-letter! Inside: the scoop on our mid-Atlantic tour, a feature on our "house" concerts in Britain, what's coming up in our song of the month fan club (new song going up tomorrow from our recording sessions in Yorkshire), and finally, a photo of Billy eating a giant bowl of trifle and me trying to dance off his desserts! How does that work? Not well, I tell you smile emoticon
If you didn't get it, that means you never signed up on our email list, you did but I couldn't read your handwriting because you had too much falling down water or I was too sleepy, your email changed and (egads!) you didn't let us know, or we are in your spam filter feeling forlorn. If you want to sign up, (and why not, I don't send out that many and I spend a lot of time making them nice and fluffy) you can go to our website and put your email in the tiny white box at the top of the page on the righthand side. That means you will get one next time, not this time, because this one has already flown!
Thanks to Nick Rowledge for this swell photo from the North Wales Bluegrass festival! Billy is playing John Les's long neck banjo which we now dream about. Gorgeous ole thing – the banjo, John Les smile emoticon

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