Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jeni & Billy at McCabe's Guitar Shop!

Report from McCabe's Guitar Shop, California: I kept it under my hat that I had some butterflies last night. It's not normal for me. I've been performing since I was four. But McCabe's is one of the most famous venues in the USA, thus the butterflies. 

At the very beginning, I knew things were going to be alright because they laughed. God bless the laughing crowds, they give my stories wings and inspire me to create new ones on the spot. God bless the woman who nearly fell out of her chair she was so touched in the funny bone. And bless the people who came out after and said they wanted the CD with the stories.

One of those folks was one of my TV heroes, Dann Florek, who played on Law & Order for years! Oh my goodness. And it's always a terrific honor to have a fellow songwriter come to see us which the brilliant Ernest Troost did. And his beautiful wife, Louise, who looks as though she just popped out of a storybook, brought me fabric that belonged to her mother.

There aren't enough thanks for Susie Glaze & her Hilonesome Band who have adopted us as their own ever since our first trip out here to California. They could have had the whole night to themselves, but they chose very generously to insist that we open for them.

And so a very special performing dream came true for us last night and it was a barrel of fun and, best of all, the folks at McCabe's want us back. Ta-da! Woooohooo!

Photo of us from the top of the stairs by the fabulous fiddling Mark Indictor. 

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