Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey everyone! It has been an age since I posted here. The FL/AL tour turned out to be super busy and we were both sick for a week during one of our two free times. Then we got back to Nashville and went right into an intensive few weeks of finishing the Live CD that we recorded out west last year. Once we sent that off, we turned our attention to taxes and preparing for what is turning out to be a five month long tour! Whoa!

The great news is that the new CD is here! So, I have the scoop on how you can order it direct through us.

Two ways to order the new CD for folks here in the USA: First you can send $18 (CD, postage, etc, included) to jeniandbilly@gmail.com on Paypal. Please include your address in the notes and if you would like the CD signed and what names to include when we are signing it. Or you can send a check for $18 to Jeni & Billy to my parents who are handling our mail while we are on tour and they will let us know you are paid up. For their address, just message me. We'll have the CD up on CDbaby, Itunes, etc in a few weeks, but this will work in the meantime and we actually get to keep more of the sale in this scenario too which is always nice! Folks in Canada and the UK, I am not sure what to do since the postage to Canada is $7.50 and to the UK, $9.50. That adds quite a sum to a $15 CD. Message me if you want to go this route or you can wait until we reach you on tour this year!

I did make one very special sewing project during the few days we had off before the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in FL. And I will share that sometime on down the road. It's still a work in progress . . .



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